Through United Servants Abroad, we are developing relationships with locals in Cuba to empower and equip them to lead, disciple, and shepherd their rapid growth in home churches and the Christian community, as well as strategically install water purification systems to provide the much-needed resource of clean water. Hundreds are suffering from waterborne illnesses and diseases, which could be solved through these purification systems. Because of the location of the water systems, the education that is provided, and the ongoing support, these systems help bring the community members together and into the church. Each water system that Highpoint installs forms a relationship and partnership that is Cuban-led and self-sustaining. We work hand-in-hand with a water team elected by the church in Cuba to ensure the system’s success and upkeep.


Highpoint will be installing additional water systems in Cuba in the future. Training to join the water installation team costs around $2,000. If you are interested in being trained for the water installation team, please let us know.

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