ELEMENT + JANUARY 27-29, 2017

What is Element?

Element is a weekend too amazing to miss and for sure will be the best weekend of your year! Element is for you and your friends - whether they go to Highpoint or not.

Your Best Friends + Late Nights + Best Music In Memphis + Live DJ + Sick Giveaways + Dance Party + New Friends + Best Leaders Around


Definitely NOT your typical weekend!

WHEN: January 27-29, 2017
WHO: Middle School & High School Students
WHERE: Highpoint Church East Memphis Campus + Highpoint Family Host Homes


What does it cost?

Tier 1: $90.00 per person  (SOLD OUT)
Tier 2: $120.00 per person  ($45 deposit) (SOLD OUT)
Tier 3: $155 per person  (Full Amount) (SOLD OUT)

Wait List: CLOSED
*Full payment is due upon wait list registration. The full amount will be refunded to you if you do not end up with a spot by Friday, January 27th.

**All deposits are non-refundable**
**All payments will be due by January 19, 2017.  Cancellations after January 19th will not be refunded**


*Every attendee MUST complete a release form prior to Element. Click here to complete an Online Release Form.



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