1. Why should I go to Element?
Element Weekend is one of those events that you will regret if you don't go. We PROMISE you DO NOT want to be the ONE PERSON who misses out!!! Not only do you get to spend a whole weekend with your best friends, but you will hear the BEST MUSIC in MEMPHIS, enjoy some ridiculously fun Free Time Hangs, and MORE..you won't know unless you go! ;)

2. What to expect if you've never been...
Element is a weekend experience of FUN and FRIENDS and MEMORIES that you can't really explain unless you've been...BUT, here is a bit about  just SOME of the FUN!
  • FIRST, you'll get to stay in a home with YOUR BEST FRIENDS and at least one AMAZING adult leader. 
  • During the day, you'll be at HIGHPOINT EAST MEMPHIS hearing the BEST music in Memphis AND talks from an amazing speaker as well as some of the coolest leaders you'll ever meet.  
  • When you're not hanging with friends at your host home or rocking it out at Highpoint, you'll get to enjoy Free Time Hangs all over Memphis!  It's a weekend like you've never experienced before!


1. Where will my student be staying during the weekend?
Each student will be a part of a Small Group for the weekend.  Each Small Group will be assigned to a Host Home. Host Homes are families of Highpoint Church (East Memphis, Collierville, & Arlington) who have offered to open their homes for the weekend of Element. Each adult in the host home will have a completed and approved background check on file prior to Element.

2. How will  Small Group be divided into host homes?  
Small Groups will be divided based first on gender and then by age groups.  If your student indicated their preference for a particular friend or leader, we will do our best to accommodate that request.   

3. How do I know my child is safe in a Host Home? 
In order to be approved as a host home, we will have a background check on file for every adult member living or staying in the home the weekend of ELEMENT. Every home will have the adult living there AND at least one adult small group leader with their group. 

4. What are the bedding requirements / needs? 
Students are expecting to sleep on the floor and will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow for the weekend. Some host homes MAY have beds available but that is NOT guaranteed.  

5. What food / meals / snacks will be provided for my student? 
Host Homes will provide1) breakfast on Saturday & Sunday morning. Highpoint Student Ministry will provide 1) dinner on Friday night 2) lunch and dinner on Saturday **ALLERGIES: If your student has any food allergies, please communicate that in the liability form online. We will make sure the host homes have that information. 

6. Will my student have free time during free time and/or late night activities?
It’s very important that everyone understand that the designated LATE NIGHTS & FREE TIME on the schedule are not a “free for all” or a “go do what you want to type of thing.” All Late Nights & Free Time will be structured with specific options that will be provided by our team for each group to choose from.  There WILL be curfews for ALL groups each night. 

7. What if my student damages something in a Host Home?
If a student or a leader is at fault for any damages (this includes broken or missing items) that occur in the home they are staying at, that individual will be responsible for the cost of the damages.  You (the parent) will be contacted by a member of the Highpoint Student Ministry Team to see how you would like to handle the cost of the damages.

8. Will my student need to bring extra money?
All meals (both in the host home and onsite) is covered in the cost of the weekend.  However, there may be times where Small Groups have the opportunity to do some extra activities such as Late Night Snack Runs to Sonic (just for example) or some fun activities during the weekend. The suggested amount to send with you student for the weekend if you wish them to be able to participate in those things is $25-$40 in spending money for themselves. 

9. What should my student bring?

  • Clothes for the weekend
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Bible & Pen
  • SNACKS (Food will be provided but it's always fun to bring snacks to share with your Small Group!)
10. What are students NOT allowed to have OR do over the weekend? 
Over the weekend - for free time or during downtime in your home - students are not allowed to:
  • Watch movies (the rating doesn’t matter): this includes at a theatre, DVD, BluRay, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon….you get the picture. 
  • Leave the host home at anytime after curfew.
  • Leave and go to another host home at any time for any reason. 
  • Practice or show off their parkour or ninja skills.
  • Leave the host home at anytime without their group leader.
  • Drive their own cars or steal their leaders car (No…seriously!!) 
  • Be in possession of alcohol, tobacco, vapes, or non-prescription drugs. 
  • Have any weapons in their possession (guns, knives, fireworks, ninja throwing stars, etc.)  
  • No one will be allowed to have outside visitors to be in the host homes, small groups, or large groups during any part of the weekend. Family of students are permitted on a case by case basis with the approval of Keri no later than Wednesday, January 27th.  
  • Anything else that could be seen as destructive or illegal such as pranking, leaving after curfew, or leaving with anyone (including parents - unless approval has been given by our staff). 


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