Highpoint Leadership Institute



Highpoint Leadership Institute is a church-based training program built to develop those called to lead in the home, church, city, and world. It's a tangible opportunity to begin developing young leaders for our church, other churches, non-profits, and in the marketplace. We want you to become culture creators, not culture consumers; to be proactive, not reactive; to lead the leaders, influence the influencers, shape the shapers, and move the movers. Through our residency and internship programs, we invite you into a season of intentional training for a life that makes a difference.



Are you a college grad? ... or do you have four years of work experience under your belt? Highpoint Leadership Institute's full-time residency program invites young leaders (primarily 20-somethings) into a season of leadership development. Explore the opportunity to use your strengths and skills in your preferred ministry area under the guidance and mentorship of a Highpoint Director.




Are you a college student (or are you college-aged) looking for opportunities to be discipled and gain on-the-job training? This part-time internship will be instrumental in helping you discover your purpose and professional future. Join our team today to begin your development as a difference maker. 



Here at Highpoint, we're a team; a band of brothers who work for a cause greater than ourselves. We invite you to join our team of grateful, responsible, innovative, and tenacious men and women. Every team member will be inspired and challenged to be the best player and teammate possible for the purpose of winning in what matters most. 


Our Directors play a key role in intentionally training each resident and intern for a life that makes a difference. This program is designed to raise the bar in every area of your life, both personally and professionally. There's no need to apply if you're unwilling to accept the challenge!


We believe Jesus is the Savior of the world... and beyond that, we believe He’s the greatest leader in history. Therefore, the church should be known for producing the most influential leaders both inside and outside the church. If we were to look at Jesus' leadership model through today's language, it would be fair to say that He radically changed the world by developing a handful of young adults into the greatest visionaries, team builders, coaches, and change agents this world has ever known.

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