Ryan Mullins



Ryan's aim is to take one step closer to Jesus every day, and to help others do the same. He has a passion for seeing the city of Memphis, the beloved city he and his wife have called home for so long, awaken to revival and fall deeply and madly in love with Jesus. 

Ryan grew up in a happy home with a great family heritage and trusted Jesus at a young age. He graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Communications from the University of Memphis in 2004, and twenty days later he married his high school sweetheart, Anne. He later went on to earn a Master of Christian Education from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ryan and his wife served in student ministry for 13 years in Memphis, Houston, and then Mississippi prior to Ryan coming on staff as the Married Groups Pastor at Highpoint in 2015. Ryan demonstrated the unique combination of strong leadership, a passion for making disciples, and an automatic instinct for loving and caring for people, and thus became our East Memphis Campus Pastor in October 2016.

Ryan is an outdoorsman who loves spending time in the woods, but his best characteristic is that he knows how to pick a wife! Ryan and Anne have three adorable kids - Max, Ella, and Phinley (who are carbon copies of their parents) - and they enjoy spending every moment they can together as a family. 




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