Here at Highpoint, we call our student ministry CREW. It's designed for 6th-12th graders and provides a place for them to meet with God, build friendships with other students, and connect with leaders who believe in them. CREW is more than a ministry, it's a movement. A movement where potential is not defined by age. A movement of living for something greater. A movement with a mission. 

God has an incredible plan for our middle school and high school students. We believe God desires to revive and spiritually awaken our teens and, in turn, use them to bring about revival and spiritual renewal in the greater Memphis area and beyond. Jesus knew that teens who are filled with God could change the world. In fact, the majority of the twelve disciples were teenagers. Could God desire to change our city (and potentially the world) through our teens at Highpoint? We think so. 



We are committed to providing an environment for students that is loving and safe. For details, please read our policies and procedures here.

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