Tyler Stevenson



Tyler was born in Memphis to his loving parents, Dale and Annette. From his earliest memories, music was an integral part of everyday life; it was a family affair. Tyler's PawPaw Odom built dulcimers and banjos. His older brother, Ryan, played piano. Mom sang and Dad always observed with pride and joy.

Tyler held his first guitar in the 7th grade on a church youth retreat, and it was meant to be. After 6 months of earplugs, his family’s patience paid off and he began leading worship in youth group on Wednesday nights. It was during this period of life that Tyler began to own his faith. He moved from trusting in Jesus as his Savior to having a growing relationship with Jesus as Lord of his life.

During his senior year at Mississippi College, Tyler felt the call to full-time ministry. After searching for the right place to learn and grow as a worship leader, he found Highpoint and began serving on the Creative team. He soon found a position on staff as the Creative Director for Teens and Twenties, and then in February of 2015, Tyler was given the title and responsibility of Worship Pastor at Highpoint Collierville. 

Tyler's infectious love for Jesus, as well as his love for people, fuel his driving passion as a worship leader to see people embrace worship not just as songs to sing, but as a lifestyle. Tyler lives in Germantown with his wife, Gracie, and their beautiful girl, Olivia.


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