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My wife Debbie and I have been married since we were teenagers and have eight children and four grandchildren. Each of our children are miracles. There was a high likelihood that our oldest son would never be born. Our second son nearly died on the day he was born and our six youngest children came into our family from Liberia, West Africa after they each lost their birth parents. 

As a child, I was raised by Christian parents and accepted Christ at the age of nine. At sixteen I experienced one of the most spiritually significant events of my life - my father, although a believer, became a Mormon. For the next year we had missionaries from this religion in our home nearly every week trying to convert my mom and me. At sixteen, I had to make my faith my own, to decide what I believed about the atonement, the virgin birth, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, and many other key questions. A year later my father left this religion, re-dedicated his life to Christ, and was used by the Lord to witness to members of the Mormon Church. During that year my faith and my understanding of God and His Word grew significantly. 

Until I graduated from High School, I believed that I was called into full-time Christian ministry. In college, I came to believe that God was instead calling me to serve Him in business. Since I was 30, God has given me executive responsibilities with large companies. For the past eighteen years, He has given me the opportunity to serve as President of four companies. During this time I have also been part of a group of 150 Christian CEO's, including CEO's of some of the best-known companies in America, who love the Lord and encourage each other in ways to serve Him well in the stewardship responsibilities He has assigned us.

On September 30, I retired as the CEO of TruGreen. I am now serving in Board and advisory roles for other companies. I am very thankful for the additional margin I now have in my life and am excited about new assignments the Lord is giving me. After much prayer, I believe that serving as an Elder at Highpoint is one of them.



My wife and I have been at Highpoint from the beginning. I dreamed of Memphis needing a church like Highpoint several years before it began.

I am a retired gastroenterologist. My wife and I are both from East Tennessee and have been married for 51 years. We have two lovely daughters. Lisa has never been married and currently works as a PR person. Her largest contract is currently with a Memphis Seminary and she is currently living in Memphis, but she lived in DC several years where, among other things, she chased terrorists, rode on Air Force One, and worked for some Congressmen. She also worked several years in Texas. Our youngest daughter is Gina who is married to an architect, Joshua Bellaire. They gave us our only grandchild. Noah is about 6 months old and is the prettiest, smartest baby around, although many of you would have other candidates who you feel fit that description. Gina has her MSW and, before Noah, spent several years as a counselor for an eating disorders clinic.

I grew up in a Christian home. Before I was old enough to remember, my parents let a church start meeting in the basement of their home. I became a Christian when I was about 6 or 7. My parents wanted to be certain what I had professed was real and wouldn’t let me be baptized (in a creek) until a year or two later. My dad was a lay preacher and usually pastored a small church he was working with and Fay’s parents joined our church and this is how we met.

We have always worked in church. I have been an ordained deacon for about 40 years and we chaired the Lord’s Supper committee at Bellevue years ago. Fay has spent a lot of time working in church nursery. We have had many areas of service at Highpoint. We led the first Starting Point class. We made coffee for several years. Fay has been an active Highpoint Angel for years and has volunteered in the CAPA department at Overton for about 9 years. Since I have been retired, I am helping her more at Overton. I was a trustee at Highpoint for about 10 years. We currently are in Ray Wallace’s Sunday School class. I currently am mentoring a young Highpoint man and am in two small groups, one at Highpoint and one outside of Highpoint.

Outside of Highpoint, I was on the management committee of Gastro One for several years, was president of St. Francis Hospital, was the Hospital medical staff representative to the AMA, and was Tennessee governor for the American College of Gastroenterology for several years.



My family and I have been at the Highpoint East Memphis campus for 6+ years, where we have been involved in several different Highpoint ministries: kids, students, and small group leaders. Currently Debbie and I lead a college-aged group. Outside of our ministry here at Highpoint, Debbie and I have gotten involved in Young Life, serving on the area committee. We both love the high school and college ages and want to see this next generation rise up and follow Christ. We are passionate about training/discipling this next generation of leaders.

I am a Memphis boy and have been married to Debbie for over 28 years. We have six kids! Jeffery (24), Josh (22), Claire (20), Jonathan (17), and Caroline and Catherine (14 almost 15), plus we have two dogs, Buck and Brookie. I truly became a follower of Christ when I was 28. I am an owner of a small industrial manufacturers representative agency. I love to hunt (especially turkeys), fish, and bike; I basically love the outdoors.



Chris and I have been at Highpoint Church for 12 years. We attend the East Memphis campus and have been actively involved leading various Sunday morning classes including High School Students, TwentySomething Singles, and currently Young Married Couples. We have 3 adult children and 1 sweet daughter-in-law: Brendon (33) (Julianne), Taylor (31), and Kendal (29).

I grew up and love Memphis, having deep roots and friendships here, and while Chris is originally from Michigan, I think she is "southernized" after living here for the past 35 years of our marriage. I trusted Christ 36 years ago as a college student, and have walked in His grace and mercy since. I have my own business, Performance Marketing Services, where I represent various Vendors to the Automotive Retail Market. 

I love cars, playing racquetball, and soccer runs through my blood, although I don't seem to move at the same blazing speed as I did in my younger days! Chris and I love being together - walking (on the beach whenever we can), biking, eating, playing pickleball, and even shopping, but we both get our greatest joy spending time with others and mentoring young people, whether single or married couples. We love our married life and our family, we love spending time with people, and we love Highpoint Church.



Sheila and I came to Highpoint 11 years ago. We met at Memphis State University in 1974 and will be married 44 years this August. We have three grown children (all married) and six grandchildren: Amanda (Bryan) Williams, Fenton (14), Ella (13), and Maddie (11). Dayton (Rebekah) O’Brien, Sawyer Jane (4) and Wells (2). Drew (Morgan) O’Brien, Waylon (due August 2019).

We started out and currently attend the East Memphis campus. Over the years we have been involved in Guest Services, Sunday School Class Leaders, and Making Marriage Make Sense Mentors. I was a Navy Pilot and have been a FEDEX Pilot since 1990. My father was in the Navy and we lived in many different places but eventually moved to Memphis my senior year of High School in 1972. Except for the 6 years I was flying in the Navy (1984-1990) we have resided in Memphis.

I trusted Jesus Christ in 1976 at Bellevue Baptist Church after several months of hearing Dr. Adrian Rogers. Sheila and I both enjoy fitness and just hanging out together, hiking, anything outdoors, snow skiing, and boating with our children and grandchildren, and I enjoy hunting and fishing as well.



The Shapards have been attending Highpoint East Memphis (and Arlington) for more than 4 years. Matt and Laura have been married for 16 years. They have a son Carson who is 14 and often runs cameras for Highpoint and daughter Ava who is a skilled volleyball player with Memphis Metro.

Together Matt and Laura lead a small group of "married with kids" who they love dearly. Matt also helps with a "small" group of post-college TwentySomethings as well as a 6th grade CREW group and enjoys meeting in a discipleship and study whenever possible (in The Hub or anywhere).

Laura and Carson recently went to Peru with Highpoint and look forward to going again to serve. Matt works for Gordon Food Service and Laura is a Sr. Pharmacy technician with Walgreens. They enjoy short trips to lazy rivers in the mountains or attending Ava's volleyball tournaments for fun. Matt and Laura both have been in or around Memphis a majority of their lives. Matt trusted Christ at 16 years of age.



I grew up in a small town in northeast Mississippi. In 2001, through a godly co-worker, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Shortly after coming to Christ, God brought an amazing woman into my life that would later become my wife. Alisha and I have been married for 16 years and have one daughter, Kyleigh. She will be turning 13 in May (prayers and advice through the teenage years are welcome!)

We have been at Highpoint for almost two years and attend the Collierville campus where we serve on the Guest Services team in the areas of Next Steps, greeters, response team, and the medical response team. I have recently joined the CREW serve team as well and look forward to becoming a part of our amazing student ministry. Kyleigh serves weekly in The Highpoint Kids Clubhouse and loves every minute of it. We also love Memphis Union Mission, where we serve monthly with Highpoint, and I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the amazing men that find shelter there.

Public service has been a major part of my life. All of my adult life has been spent in the fire and EMS fields. In 2008, I had the honor of fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a flight paramedic with Hospital Wing, the medical helicopter service. Currently, I serve as the Director of Clinical Operations for Hospital Wing. I believe in being an advocate for the prehospital community and do so by serving in many organizations at the local, state, and national level. I also love education and teach on all three levels as well.

My hobbies are pretty much anything that allows me to be outside. I love to hunt and fish. As a family we love to hike and look for new adventures that get us into God’s glorious creation. I also love books and shoes… just ask my wife! (I may eventually need an intervention for that!)

One of my favorite verses is Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” There is not a moment when I am in nature that this verse does not make complete sense. How can anyone look at the vast outdoors and question that God exists!



My wife Kendall and I have been at Highpoint for almost 15 years. We have been married for 38 years and are lifelong Memphians residing in Germantown. We have 6 children and 20 grandchildren with number 21 on the way. If I listed all the names and ages we would be here until Monday! We attend the East Memphis campus and started the Sunday School class Marriage Matters almost 13 years ago, which is still meeting on Sundays at 11:00am at the East Memphis campus. We both have a passion for discipling young couples and teaching on perpetuating a godly legacy for your family.

I am a salesman and President of Tashie Sales, which has been in business for over 35 years.

I became a Christian in 1976 on a high school retreat with my ECS classmates. My favorite people in the Bible are Daniel, David, Caleb, Peter, and Paul. 

I enjoy playing racquetball, paddleball, spending time with my family on Greers Ferry Lake and in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Kendall and I enjoy taking evening walks together. I am a lifelong Cubs fan and BAMA fan. We enjoy attending Alabama Crimson Tide home football games with my family. Watching my grandchildren's sporting events is fast becoming one of my favorite hobbies.

I am also currently serving a second term on the ECS school board.