God created the world and everything in it – including you – and He wants a personal, one-on-one relationship with you today. God loves you and has a purpose for your life. And because of that, His plans are better than your plans. None of us can measure up to some impossible religious standard; faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior is the only “step” to salvation.

The message of the Bible is abundantly clear: we have all sinned against God (Romans 3:23). Because of our sin, we deserve to be eternally separated from Him (Romans 6:23); but because of His love for us (John 3:16), God took on human form and died in our place, taking the punishment that we deserve (Romans 5:8; 2 Corinthians 5:21). Through His death and resurrection, Jesus took all of your wrong and gave you all of His right. If you believe this and commit to following Him, your life will never be the same. It’s as simple as turning from your sin, declaring you want to follow Jesus, and believing He is who He says He is.

Have you recently made this decision? Believing in Jesus is the first step on the greatest journey of your life.

Please let us know about your salvation decision, and someone from our team will make contact with you. If a friend invited you to Highpoint, we encourage you to let them know about your decision; we know they’ll want to celebrate with you!




Once you’ve started your relationship with Jesus, we invite you to tell your story of life change through baptism.

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Church is more than an organization you join, it’s a family to which you belong. Growth Track is made up of three easy steps to help you connect to the church, discover your purposeful design, and get involved within the life of Highpoint.



Every person has a story, and every story exists for the glory of God. Watch these recent stories of life change and be inspired. 

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Jumpstart is a process designed to help you and your child walk together as they take their first spiritual steps and learn what it means to follow Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

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The best way to grow in your faith and transform your life is through a daily, unhurried, inspired time reading the Word of God to know the God of the Word. 

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